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Top 5 Places to Go after Visiting Victoria


Part of Victoria’s charm is that it’s a gateway to several other great destinations. Whether you’re looking for a day trip or are wanting to explore a bit more, these 5 places use Victoria as a starting point to discover all of the vibrancy that the Pacific North West coast has to offer.

1. Seattle

The founding location for Starbucks, Seattle is also home to over 700,000 residents and some of the Pacific North West’s most iconic locations. The headline attractions are the Space Needle for 360-degree views of the city and the thriving Pike Place Market, but dig a little deeper and you open up a world of culture, art and food experiences. Our favourite is a visit to the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum, but there’s a long list of things to do. Getting there from Victoria is as simple as booking a trip on the new Clipper V.

2. Port Angeles

Port Angeles is your gateway to the incredible Olympic Mountain Ranges, which you will see just as we enter the Victoria Harbour. On the Olympic Peninsula Loop Drive you may come across some of the fauna known to be in the area; gray wolf, American black bear, cougar, mountain goats, elk and the Northern spotted owl. Getting there is via the MV Coho, a passenger and car carrying ship owned and operated by our friends at Black Ball Ferry line. The MV Coho was first built in 1959 and in pristine condition; a truly stunning piece of marine history.

3. Whistler

It goes without saying that Whistler is the premier winter wonderland of British Columbia. Whilst we are getting ready for our summer season we might sneak up there for skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling. But, did you know how much to do in summer? A growing number of people are venturing up to Whistler to go hiking, mountain biking, zip lining and dare to cross their new Cloudraker Skybridge. To experience all Whistler has to offer in Summer simply take Harbour Air on a De Havilland Turbine Single or Twin Otter from the downtown Victoria Harbour.

4. Tofino

Located in the stunning Pacific Rim region of the West Coast of Vancouver Island, Tofino is most known for its beaches that seem to go on forever. If you’re not up for learning to surf, there are many hiking trails, lakes and wildlife tours at your fingertips during the day. In the evening you can immerse yourself in the culinary side of Tofino with their suite of pubs, restaurants and lounges. Getting there from Victoria is via the Trans-Canada Highway in a rental car or by bus.

5. North Vancouver Island

For those with a little more time and really want to experience something special, head up island where the wild things are, with the best access up into the Bear Watching territories. Use Port Hardy as your base and get there by driving up the BC-19 highway by car or bus. For those, who want a quicker route, flying with Pacific Coastal is your best bet.

If you’re ready to experience some of the best places to go from Victoria, contact us and we’ll help you create lasting memories on your next vacation!